Whistlestop Pottery was established in 1990, and specialises in the production of "designer" musical money banks. You can play a simple tune by covering the money slot with different numbers of fingers - it is very much like playing a recorder, and the sound is reminiscent of South American pipes.

Haggis Whistles can be dispatched immediately, but all our banks are specially made to order, so please allow a minimum of 3 months if possible. The catalogue contains a list and pictures of the commonest banks made to give you some ideas. Suggestions for new designs are always welcome! All pictures download as "thumbnails", and can be clicked on for an optional, larger version.

Please remember, every bank is an individual, and I am always delighted to customise any bank for the person who will be receiving it. So, feel free to provide logos for rugby clubs, soccer teams, bowling/curling clubs; different military uniforms; nurses etc. etc. Initials can be added to individualise certain banks (e.g. Joiner, Chef, Golfer), or let your imagination run riot for something totally different. Many of the banks that we do are totally "one-offs", and any hobby, profession or caricature is considered. For UK callers, give me a ring (evening is best - see Contact us), or e-mail me to discuss the possibilities, or jot down ideas/sketches on the printable order form, send it to me, and I will give you a ring to discuss the options and cost, before going ahead, subject to your confirmation of the order. For non-UK enquiries, please communicate by e-mail!

Tim Heilbronn

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